The countdown is on…

Counting down the days until not only school goes back, but uni goes back too. Now I am not a teacher yet, but I do have students and I am a student myself so there is a lot of preparation to do. I'm busily planning lessons and collecting resources for the students that I do… Continue reading The countdown is on…


To tea, or not to tea.

That is the question. Of course for me the answer is always tea, but which kind? I am an absolute fiend when it comes to tea. Herbal, milk, powder, leaf, all of the above. I am always sipping on some kind of hot beverage, and if it isn't coffee, you can guarantee it is some… Continue reading To tea, or not to tea.


Waste Free Teaching

Is it possible? Can we actually not use 3 million trees a day? Well 3 million is an exaggeration but you understand what I mean. Teaching is not exactly the most environmentally friendly profession. Going waste free as an individual is difficult, but as a teacher it seems impossible as you also have to account… Continue reading Waste Free Teaching