Who am I?

An excellent question. I am a third year Science Teaching student at the University of Newcastle. I live in Newcastle, and have attended many of the local schools, not only during my own schooling, but also as a part of  my course placement.

I have several students of my own as a part of my home tutoring program, and this is serving to prepare me for when I go out to teach for real.

I hold a Science Teaching Scholarship with the NSW Department of Education. (If anyone has had this before I would love to hear about your experiences during posted teaching!)

What is Teachy Teach about?

Being a teacher is hard. So we band together and provide support in a lot of ways. I set up the Teachy Teach family so that teachers from all over could come together and be inspired, not only by me, but also by each other.

Teaching is a collaborative profession and no one should pretend that it isn’t. It is not a competition. No matter what KLA you represent as a teacher, we are all a team with the goal of educating our students to the best of our ability. We all bring special gifts and talents to the table. The Teachy Teach family is a place where teachers from all over the world can share their gifts with other teachers and most importantly, it is a place where we can lean on each other for emotional support.