The countdown is on…

Counting down the days until not only school goes back, but uni goes back too.

Now I am not a teacher yet, but I do have students and I am a student myself so there is a lot of preparation to do. I’m busily planning lessons and collecting resources for the students that I do have, and hopefully these skills will carry through to my teaching days.

I know some people have already gone back to school (I see stressed and dishevelled teachers all over Instagram) but I wanted to share the top 4 things that I’m doing to prepare, so that things don’t get too overwhelming when I start back into routine.

1) Plan out every detail

I know a lot of people have planners or diaries these days, but just knowing what events will be happening is not enough for me. I need to plan out every detail. Details such as what classes are when, what I have to bring to those classes, travel time (so I know whether I have time to eat while driving), what time I will need to leave home, and how long I am at uni (so I can bring sufficient food and coffee). If I have students on a particular day, I will have a lesson prepared and have all their resources ready in my car, so I also need to make note of whether or not I need my teaching box for that day.

2) Meal prep

This is relatively new to me, so I’m not an expert. But I have started having meals prepared and ready to go in the fridge and I cannot tell you how much of a difference it has made. It is so quick and easy to grab something that I know was prepared with the right amount of nutrients to keep me going for as long as I need. I will definitely be carrying this through to when uni goes back.

3) Set your body clock in advance

This is a difficult thing to do, since I have the willpower of a plastic fork. But for the past week I have been making myself get out of bed when I wake up naturally, which is at about 5:30, even though my alarm goes off at 6. The average sleep cycle is about 90 minutes, so making sure that I don’t go back to sleep for 30 minutes makes a huge difference to how I feel during the day as I’m not going through an incomplete sleep cycle.

4) Have things ready the night before

Pack yo bags the night before pal. Have everything ready so that nothing is forgotten in the morning rush and you don’t spend the day kicking yourself. Choose an outfit, or have your uniform laid out so that you can roll out of bed and suit up.

So yeah those are the 4 things that I am currently doing to get myself ready for the new year of school.

Hope everyone is having a great start to the week.

– Jess

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