Educational Psychology

Why do small children talk nonsense?

Someone with children shed some light, please. Also if you have funny stories please share.

I work in a creche and often have to nod politely in response to the ramblings of children who have not yet grasped English or…any language for that matter. But it really makes me wonder, what goes through their heads? What are the thought processes that lead them to jump from Barbie to toenails?

Let us delve into the infinitely odd minds of toddlers.

Children, when just beginning to speak, usually spit out words randomly because they are experimenting with words and sound. As well as this, they are usually repeating words that they hear from adults or older children. So you might think that there is actually no sense in what they are saying.

But have you ever actually just sat and listened to a toddler talk for a while? They say the most odd things, but sometimes say things that make even me stop and think.

Can anyone say anything otherwise? It really is interesting to fully engage with a toddler and analyse their speech.

Hope everyone is having a great week.


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